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Feather Trophy 3D Printing Awards 2020

Hi, this is my contribution to the 2020 3d industry award competition. The model of the trophy was created with all requirements in mind.
For the design I wanted to make something uplifting, a trophy is always something that elevates someone and makes the person happy, so I decided on a feather and sky design. The Hood comes in two versions I call them limitless sky and open cage. The model is devided in 5 parts that should be printed with 3 materials. First the hood and the inner feather are planned for a SLA Printer with translucent resin. The base, the little plug for the inner feather and the sign should be printed with a SLS printer in two different colors. The inner feather has internal channels for a colored liquid and will be closed with the plug. I also integrated some micro details. For a 3d printing competition it should be something 3d related so I cut 3 of the most famous models in the base, the Utah teapot, the Stanford bunny and the benchy. I integrated lattice structure in the design with the hood and the inner part of the base for more strength, but the loose powder can still be removed through the holes in the top. All 5 parts fit together and can be glued if needed. I enjoyed the project a lot and I hope you do as well. If you want to print the model you find it under the link below.